Entrepreneurship Innovation Center

The Entrepreneurship Innovation Center locates emergent technology businesses together to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit in a collaborative environment; all in support of Ohio’s shift from manufacturing and agriculture toward a knowledge-based economy.  This certified LEED Silver project provides education space, training facilities, and business support amenities specifically suited to the requirements of the technology-based tenant companies.  Further amenities include sophisticated conference and distance learning facilities, and highly adaptable tenant suites.

Lincoln Street Studio developed the master plan for the Lorain County Community College’s Great Lakes Technology Park, placed delicately amid the area’s forest and wetlands, and in proximity to the College. The Entrepreneurship Innovation Center anchors the Park and provides a symbolic bridge between the academic and technology transfer communities. In keeping with the technology woods concept of the Park’s development plan, the building was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, thus setting a benchmark of stewardship and sustainability for the College and further progress of the Park.  Our good friends at Clark & Post Architects served as the architect of record and managed the construction process.

Business Technology Center

The Business Technology Center, located in a former mattress factory, is a technology incubator providing affordable laboratory, office, meeting space, and business counseling to start-ups evolved from, or with connections to University research. A significant design challenge was to create an image for the facility. The new entry piece defines the project and provides connectivity and clarified circulation through the existing and new functions. Offices, conference rooms, and laboratories become small buildings within the shelter of the large warehouse space, achieving closure where necessary and welcoming daylight brought in by skylights and monitors. As in the planning of a town, the smaller buildings are organized into neighborhoods according to function, and connected by interior streets to a central square – an essential social unifier that supports this community of entrepreneurs.

Science Village

A building as a machine, boxes for business and technological activity and entrepreneurship clipped to a gigantic spine. Science Village is the centerpiece building on the Science and Technology Campus of Ohio’s major research university.  High bay, saw tooth, industrial mini-factories support fabrication, prototype development, and research. Sleek metal and glass boxes house office or laboratory modules. All building technology systems are carried in the spine, allowing flexibility for expansion and change.